Un nouveau casino au paradis

février 28, 2020

The Wyndham group owns an impressive 8,762 hotels, belonging to around twenty different brands, including Caesar Entertainment hotels, TRYP hotels and Travelodge establishments.

This allows the group to be present around the world.

The Wyndham Grand KN Paradise hotel in Cam Ranh in Vietnam is being talked about during the agreement to build a casino within its precincts. Do not book your plane tickets right away, however, construction must start in 2021, with the casino doors scheduled to open in 3 years.

Already offering a 27-hole golf course, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and 4 gourmet restaurants, the casino is the element that the hotel lacked in order to offer its customers a full range of activities.

As for the setting, it is ideal and invites to total relaxation: nestled in the peaceful Cam Ranh peninsula, residents have only a few steps to reach the beach and its white sand.

Cam Ranh Bay is located in the South China Sea, about 290 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnamese capital.

Only a few additional investors and an operator are missing to manage the casino.

KM Cam Ranh Co. confirmed in a press release that the Vietnamese government has issued an investment certificate for the « large-scale casino complex », a mandatory step in the process.

Approval has been given of construction plans for a casino complex spanning almost 200,000 m2. The gaming establishment should provide players with 2,000 slot machines and 200 gaming tables.

According to government rules updated in 2017, casino projects require a minimum of $ 2 billion in investment funds for transaction approval. It is also imperative that a first payment of $ 1 billion be made in order to start the work.

The company has made an appeal to investors, although some will probably be financed by equity: « It is with great enthusiasm that we are ready to cooperate with the international operators of casino games for the development and operating our integrated complex at Cam Ranh, « said the general manager. He adds: » It is undeniable that our strategic location and our development plan will create an essential complement to the pan-Asian market for integrated resorts. «

In addition to the investments, a casino partner is required to ensure the success of the gaming activity. KN Cam Ranh Co. is also appealing for cooperation with an international casino operator.

The property is located approximately five minutes from Cam Ranh International Airport and aims to become a global destination. Covering more than 1,600 square meters, it will ultimately offer a wide choice of residential and hotel options, entertainment and convention facilities, amusement parks and stores.

This casino is far from being the first on Vietnamese territory. In fact, the country currently has 13 active casinos: notably the Aristo International Hotel and Casino in Lao Cai or the Palazzo Club in Ho Chi Minh City.